About Us

About Us

The registration process of the Hungarian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation became final on 01/23/2014 with the decision of the Budapest-Capital Regional Court. The statutory meeting – recognizing his decade long unweavering and successful work – invited Maximilian Carvalho to preside over the Federation. The statutes adopted has identified the following tasks for the organization:

The association aims to:

  • co-ordinate its members’ activities related to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; 
  • promote the technical and intellectual development of its member-organizations;
  • facilitate, promote and replenish domestic mass-sports and health-preservance movements
  • gather sponsors and supporters.


Activities by the different goals of the association:

  • to represent its members’ interests, acting as the national sports federation;
  • to promote the equivalence of disadvanteged and disabled groups;
  • to organize various competitions, training camps and other educational courses for its members in order to promote their professional advancement;
  • to provide its members with continous and accute information;
  • to act as the deciding and leading body in regards to questions of organizational issues affecting its members;
  • to provide ample documentation of membership.

The Federation does not pursue direct political activities, its organization is non-partisan and does not provide any financial support to such entities. The Federation will not participate in parliamentary or municipal elections neither by setting candidates nor supporting one, its activities are carried out solely for purpose of the common good.

The Federation continuosly carries out it activities to promote Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The Federation represents its members interest in domestic and international forums, social organizations.

The Federation may use financial instruments to advocate its goals.

The Presidency and the Committees of the Hungarian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation aims to fulfill its goals and tasks set out in the Statutes on the highest possible level, and welcomes any organization that wishes and able to share in this goal, while willing to work with its current members. 


Maximilan Carvalho
Hungarian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation

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Hungarian Brasil Jiu-Jitsu Sportszövetség

Address: Budapest, Pasaréti út 108, 1026

Phone: +3630 860 2658

Email: info@mbjjsz.hu

Registration number: 01-02-0015298